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Welcome to Jhr innovators

The goal here at JHR is to create practical solutions to an assortment of issues while giving the world whimsicality and studying how the world works. From consciousness to speakers, it is our goal at JHR to bring about a better Earth.

We hope that you join us in any way possible, whether it be financial, contractual, or simply an opinion you have! So long now, and always remember: See a need, Fill a need!

- Jesse H Rupe 

Jesse Rupe

I am a young inventor who would like to help the world. I am a child at heart and love watching the wonders of the world. I have boundless hope that the problems of today can be squashed.

What is this?  

JHR is my dream company, named after the initials of my great-grandpa, a Nasa inventor. My dad shares the initials and is another inventor/entrepreneur who always has some new idea. Then there's me, who would like to help out his family name: JHR.

The Model 

The model is a curious project of mine meant to explain how the world works. As of now, the model checks out very well and has helped me achieve some goals. I originally created it in hopes to understand consciousness and life, and welp: it seems that the point of the universe in the end, to think.


Boy, do I love whimsical inventions. I am inspired by movies I watched as a kid and games I played. Now I want to make them real, so the endless thoughts of my young self do not go to waste.