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Videos can be viewed on the endeavors page.

 I have been able to make many of my ideas.  Here are the ones I have been able to create the most.  I included the estimated amount of time I have spent on them. 

 Resume: Jesse Rupe Resume 6-29-22

The Model

I have developed a functioning model with basic rules for how the universe works, from Time, Interactions, Chaos/Order, Emergence, Life, and Consciousness. This model can be applied to the world to create efficient and ethical solutions while bettering people's lives with the concepts of Love, Truth, and Power. (100+ hours + everyday philosiphizing) I recently entered the UM into the Davidson Fellows scholarship and Eon Essay contest. Video on the endeavors page!

 The UM:The Universal Model Edition 1 By Jesse H Rupe

 UM Risk Management:Universal Model Risks

Moco Slider

(150 hours) The Motion control slider robotically moves a camera. The software will also be used on the rail. More can be seen on the shop page!

Rail System

(250+ hours) The carts above are apart of a self-building rail system. A modular cart system travels on the rail, carrying tools or cargo. One type of cart can hold rails, place them in front of a rail, and screw them in. The carts on the rail can carry cargo, devices, or tools. View the video on the endeavors page!

Speaker P2 Design Extended


(250+ hours) The speaker was my first big project. It is a speaker that changes size to the beat of the music like a real-life cartoon. I plan on patenting it. I have not seen similar inventions around, so I hope to get the rights to the speaker patent. Video on the endeavors page!

Glove Controller  

(10 hours) The controller was a quick but cool project I did. I want to make a glove that turns hand movements into programmed music. This glove measured how much my finger bent, and activated a light accordingly.

Fist Armor

(15 hours) This project was interesting, and then I used it during Halloween. I made it as a comic book type invention. When a fist is closed, the cover folds over the fist as protection, say if you go to punch someone. It isn’t the most practical project, but making bodily inventions is always interesting to me.

The Panel

(30 hours) The panel is one of my favorite projects. I made the panels from Portal 2. I want to put them on the rail system so they can move around. I can see wealthy people using the panels as a cool product to have. I think a panel here or there could also be useful in daily life. For example, they can create more functionality in compact spaces. They are so versatile that people will find uses for them.

Angry Octopus 

(30 hours) The octopus was a product idea of a friend that I developed. The friend wanted an octopus that flips you off, so I made a gear mechanism to spin and hinges on the arms so the arms go up and down due to gravity.

And More 

I have many more ideas underway, mainly to do with the model as I flesh out the speaker, panel, and rail systems. Stay tuned!