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Hello there, welcome to my amazing shop with nothing to sell. Take a look around if ya like! The initial business model of JHR will be sales of products and inventions to help people out and make their lives more enjoyable. As JHR grows, the business model will transition to a technology and service company based around the universal model I am developing. For now, the best support for my ideas is buying them, as I will know there is interest. Thanks for visiting!

Motion Control Slider

The motion control slider is now available to rent or buy! Yay! I am located in Southern California. Contact me for pricing and availability

Features: Manaul, Automatic, and Recorded mode. Position saving, xbox controller support, save/loading, on-the-go setting adjustments.

To start, you set the left and right endpoint, gear size, and steps per revolution

Manual: There are two modes. Position adjust moves the stepper when the trigger is pressed and has 1023 points of resolution. Speed mode increases or decreases the speed and continues motor movement even when the trigger is let go. Estop functionality works during all modes.

Auto: In the auto page there are many settings. You can set position 1, position 2, pos 1 acceleration, pos 2 deceleration, and the desired speed. When the slider is at a position point, it will use the accelerations and speed to move to the oposing position. Estop functionality works. The tablet even displays an estimated move time and is always within 0.5 seconds of accuracy.

Recording: THE BEST FEATURE of this motion control slider is the ability to press record on the manual page, do any move you like, and save it. Then, you can save the recording for later use in the presets page. This saved file will persist even when the tablet is turned off. The recording can then be played back in the auto page. Any move you desire can be recorded and saved.

This version of the slider is old but shows the development process.



As of right now, this is the main product you can buy. If you have an interest in the speaker, think about visiting the Kickstarter page or email me directly. I will keep you informed on pricing and when I will produce my first few.

Speaker kickstarter (Under my dad's name - Jason):  Speaker Kickstarter


I have not created any more octopi since my first 2. They took very long to make and it was not worth my effort.  If enough people are interested, I will pursue a way to produce many more efficiently.  Let me know if you are interested!    


Soon, I wish to have a final panel version ready to sell as a decore. I have not made a prototype worthy of sale yet because of their fragility. Let me know if you have a specific use and I can design a custom purpose size and design for many people in the future.

Rail System 

In the future, I will be selling a rail system and assortment of automatic robots that are controlled with AR and can self-build for construction and factory purposes. Also, they can be used to transport packages or just for good fun!.