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As JHR Innovators develop the upcoming Universal Model, more services will be available. They will mainly relate to applying aspects of the model to the real world, and thus adjusting the model accordingly. It can help understand the scientific, personal, corporate, technological world, and much more.

The use of the model comes in its versatility and goal of changing constantly. As for us, humans gather more info, we must adjust our understanding of the world. The core functions of the model may seem solid, but the extrapolations they give fractal and apply to everything around us.

From Time, Interactions, Chaos/Order, Emergence, Life, and Consciousness to Love, Truth, and Power, the various conclusions and interpretational uses of the model can allow us to find solutions to real problems faster, new solutions to problems, and gain personal insight into the function of the world around us.

Jobs and Skills

 Resume: Jesse Rupe Resume 6-29-22

Gripping: I have around 10 days of gripping experience for commercials.

Camera Motion Control Tech: While gripping, I have learned to control various motion control robots on the job. I have even made my own very sophisticated motion control that can be seen in the portfolio and endeavors page. Contact me if you are interested in renting or buying a motion control.

Coding: I am currently mastering python and will start to dip more into web design. I have expereince in Arduino and Python. I will be expanding out into more robotics languages soon. 

Engineering: As seen in the portfolio, I have good CAD design skills, scripting skills, and can create professional products.

Universal Model Advising: As stated earlier, I am going to start advising for the universal model. If interested, contact me immediately as I am using real world topics to research the universal model. The benefits could be lucrative.

Tutoring: I used to tutor quite a bit but no longer have the time too. If something is urgent or very important relating to tutoring needs, let me know. I have past experience tutoring a college student in statistics and highschool students of all ages in teaching them personal drive.

Technological & Practical

The emergence, interaction, and chaos/order sections of the model come in handy when understanding the world of technology and solutions.  The study of life in biological patterns of emergence is also useful.  In how we study interaction, the model is engrained into our intuition.

Scientific & Philisophical

The scientific study of the model is crucial to determining if it works on a truthful level. The extrapolation of concepts forms the core 6 pillars that can be used to connect to all aspects of science. The current scientific process and system already apply the concepts of the model, however, the insights of consciousness and time may be critical to understanding the nature of our world.

Corporate & Governmental Advisory

Our government is filled with the endless bureaucracy and many issues that deal with power. Also, most corporations are always looking to become more efficient. By applying the model, we can learn to control the government and fine-tune our policies to assist in the freedom of the people. The model can also organize our corporate and social systems into a conscious collective. We have already mostly done this with our understandings of democracy and natural human behavior.

Personal Advisory

The philosophical implications of love, truth, and power can aid heavily in providing meaning in our lives.  If we learn to navigate our conscious minds the world around us, we will become masters of our destiny.